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Halloween costumes for bookworms

I’ve found a Writer’s Digest article with ideas for quick and simple literature-related Halloween costumes. It lists quite a few interesting ideas like Don Quixote, Napoleon the Pig, Lady Macbeth, Dorian Gray, as well as a few authors. I found them quite amusing, but not as simple to prepare as implied (fashion a ragtag suit of armor out of old junk you’ve got sitting around? I’m not sure I’ve got that kind of junk sitting around…) or very easy to recognize (think Napoleon the Pig). Also, they are very nice classics, but try and go to a Halloween party, then count the people with recognition on their face greeting you “Ah, Lady Macbeth”. Unless, of course, you are at the Shakespeare Fan Club’s party.

So I thought, why not try and make up some more ideas, maybe ones with some more chance of recognition in today’s world? Feel free to add some ideas – we still have a few hours to create them for tonight. We don’t have to go too far from classics to have a costume with at least a slight chance to be recognized. Consider fairytales. Depending on your looks you may choose something obvious – such as Snow White with your black hair (add some pale makeup and an apple for clarity), Little Red Riding Hood if you’re a girl and little enough (add the red and the riding hood, and optionally a wolf), or the Beauty – or the Beast.

Want something more modern? Take some bestsellers right off the shelf and all you need is something elegant plus a tie and some optional accessories to be Ana or Mr Fifty Shades himself, or grab a bow, do the trademark braided hair (careful not to be missed for Princess Leia there) and be Katniss. Just to be sure, you should also wear some fake flames – not real, if you’re planning to go near alcohol or someone pretending to be Haymitch. As for me, if I weren’t resting after a nasty wisdom tooth surgery, I’d definitely be going for some of my favourite characters or stories such as Lucy Westenra with red hair and dress, death-paleness and lifelike (deathlike?) little vampire bites. Or, if all else fails, you can always zombify yourself. Hope you know what to be now, and let me know if you chose a book character (or author) to dress up as, and how it went!

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