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This is the subtitle of the Thought Factory and I have already told you why. Now let me show you how.

Every post that belongs to one of the above categories (meaning hopefully every post published on this blog… umm, except this one) will have one of the little pictograms that have magically appeared in the header picture today, with their distinct colour, in the top right corner, so you can know at once what to expect.

READ in green –

if you are interested in books, short stories, poems, in reading the written word, look for green to find book reviews, news of authors and pieces of information about whatever has been written down

read zöld

LEARN in blue:

if you like improving yourself and developing new and interesting skills, blue is the colour of the posts to find out how – this is also the place where I will drop random information about the curious ways of the human mind

learn kék

 WRITE in orange:

authors, don’t stop till you see orange because this is where I delve into the endless universe of story structure, character building, and grammar rules and games and also share little pieces of inspiration – music, pictures, places, whatever has inspired me to create my own art of words

write narancs

I might further divide these sections into smaller parts, locations, rooms within the factory, but for now, enjoy these three large areas.

A big thank you for the magical work that resulted in these wonderful pictures to Kata Boromissza! In any colour, if you like good graphical art, check out her blog.

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