Poems translated

This post could go in the ‘write’ section perhaps, although it is slightly unusual. In the past week I translated three poems of a friend to English (not a habit of mine). So the originals are to her credit, she is the Wakewalker after all. She likes the way they sound in English – or so she told me. Hope you like them too. 🙂



Used-to-be sleepwalker,
I lived life as the dead.
Then turned into a soarer,
wandered cloudy paths.
Now I gleam and glare,
one-of-her-kind, fair
earth-rambling wake-walker.


Auroral Exultation
dewstar diamond-meadows
golden sun-rays’ azure sky
obsidian shade on the emerald grass
lush leaves’ velvety touch
wonderful treasures all mine, all for me
all for me
for me


only silence
only silence sits in me wordless
can’t find a way out
perhaps this is it
that’s all there is
a world locked in silence

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