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Happy All Hallow’s!

Have you kept All Hallow’s Read in mind? You know, the day when you give someone a scary book – it’s today and I have not forgotten. And I thought, why give one or few people a book when you can give many people a story? And why print in today’s environment-conscious world where you’ve got the Internet to upload?
So here’s a scary not-exactly-book-much-rather-a-short-story I wrote for all of you. This was created for a competition, originally in Hungarian, where the task was to capture an evil character’s thoughts and introduce one of his or her crimes through their mind – showing motives and reasons. The story won the round of the contest and I really hope the English translation lives up to the original. If you spot any mistakes – since English is not my mother tongue – I will be glad to hear and correct! Executioner has been available in Hungarian for a while, so as always, if you speak Hungarian or like challenges, don’t miss that one either!

And don’t forget that today is also your last chance to download Click Clack the Rattlebag by Neil Gaiman for free and with additional donation to or Booktrust at!

You can also start typing furiously at midnight for NaNoWriMo. Better get some headstart now than rush later on, because this year’s 30 November is closer than ever before!

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All Hallow’s Read

Just how brilliant is this new tradition being born just now, and how cool is being part of its birth? Just as cool as most of the stuff that comes out of Neil Gaiman’s brain (strictly figuratively).

The principle is nice and simple: give someone you love (or hate – my addition) a scary book this Halloween. Besides the candy and the zombie teeth let’s make this a tradition.

Check out the site for a detailed description, book recommendations and some cool extras like the I’ve Got the Need to Read card (on the left) or some mini-books you can print and gift straight away.

I’m sure that you’ve got the hang of the thing now, but I highly recommend watching the host Neil Gaiman’s explanation on his YT channel anyway. For the full experience.

And an important addition this year: download a short story for free and the hosting site Audible will donate one dollar to – or Booktrust, if you’re in the UK. This is only until Halloween, so please go to and download the short story Click Clack the Rattlebag for free, written and read by Neil Gaiman – you don’t even need to register on the site to do so, and I assure you – having listened to the story myself (a few… OK, a dozen times) – it is worth it. Get it before Halloween.

So, who is going to get a scary book from you and which book do you think makes the best gift?

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