About Judit

She reads, writes, dances, skates and she spells her name without an ‘h’ at the end (or anywhere, for that matter). She doesn’t generally speak about herself in third person, only when she names the ‘About Me’ ‘About Judit’ – or not even then.

I love reading, especially fantasy – well, stories created with fantasy. I am inspired by people like Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Larry Brooks and Peter Wingfield, and by music like The Piano Guys’ or Havasi’s.

Most of my writings are from the genres of fantasy and sci-fi – and most of them not in English, so here you will only find a small selection of my works that I created in English or translated. There is lots of other stuff – on reading, learning and writing, to produce thoughts, dreams, creative sparks.

I hope I’m still in time to warn you: there may be angels flying about. They are mostly tame and fun, but please do not feed them. You can dance with them if you like.


And here’s a kind limerick about the site from Rarasaur:

Judith (without a H) is a multi-lingual writer extraordinaire with a penchant towards the fantastical!

Judit is getting a business degree,
and writes novels based in fantasy.
She has angels on site,
that eat, dance, and bite,
and are loyal devotees.

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