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LEARN – to organize your life

learn kékIt all began with finding out that personal organizers are available in small, pocket size. I used to have one in A5 size back in high school, but then I already had a school bag packed with books that I had to carry around, so it was not such a huge extra. Then I grew up, started to work and wear chic bags (well, chicer than a school bag anyway) where an organizer does not fit. I am also very modern, so who needs paper-based stuff these days? When you have a Google Calendar, tons of task apps, note apps, reminder apps and whatnot to remember everything for you?

It turns out, I do. Task apps simply do not satisfy all my needs for constantly organizing, reorganizing, and replanning my life, not to mention the countless occasions when I need to jot down something quickly, usually longer than a few words. Writing down an idea for, say, my book or my blog, using my smart phone is horror. It takes tons of time and cursing as the software tries to guess the words I need. I might never have found out the most practical way to handle these problems without this post, which changed my life in many ways. My tasks and deadlines don’t stress me the way they used to and my future ideas all have their blank space to fall into.


Filó fotó

I (yes, I!) have even bought fancy-looking paper and cut out the dividers, then I added little icons (cut out and glued on with my own hands) to maximize transparency and my eagerness to check the thing every now and then. I have

  • a calendar section more for tasks than for events (for that purpose, Google Calendar works just fine)
  • another task section for to-dos that don’t claim a spot in my calendar (yet)
  • a ‘check this out every day’ section with positive sentences (call me a dreamer but it works), my short-, mid-, and long-term goals, stuff I should do every morning/day/evening (habits being born), and quotes I think are worth re-reading every once in a while
  • and of course, the section for notes, a new page for each topic of my life.

The result? Less freaking out from those lurking little thoughts at the back of my mind – you know, the feeling when you know you are forgetting something, but you have no idea what. I know how each of my tasks relate to the goals I set for the week/month/year/life and see this at once thanks to the colour marks. It all suits my life perfectly and I can change it anytime when something in my life changes.

Does it take time? Yes. Does it take less time and worrying than keeping things in mind or in apps and on notes lying around? Definitely. 🙂

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The power of praise

write narancsReaders return regularly to your blog if you write regularly. Always publish your posts on the same days so that your readers know what to expect and even look forward to your posts. If you want a popular, visited blog, write frequently… etc etc. I know all this. From time to time I even decide to publish, say, every Monday and Wednesday. Or every Tuesday. Then, I do for a while. Then, I don’t any more.
In December, when I realized that I had once again failed in keeping to my well planned schedule, I made another decision. I felt the urge to publish a few things here, but I resisted. I made a resolution to make a blog calendar and not publish anything until I have at least 30 days worth of posts or at least post ideas and I would always be far far ahead with my plans, so that I would never miss a day again. I did make plans and I have prepared that calendar, but 30 days are a long time and a lot of posts and I never got that far. And I know it’s new year and all, but I have now made another decision.
But before I tell you what I decided, here is what led me to this. A few days ago we were out with some friends, drinking, chatting, and someone I had not seen for a while started praising my blog, my writing, my English. I didn’t even know he had ever read it and suddenly there he was saying things that would have made me blush if I hadn’t already from the rosé. It has been bugging me ever since, it would not go out of my head, a little voice strengthened by his words that keeps calling ‘write a post’, ‘write a post’. And then, I made this decision.
I decided to accept my blogger self for what it is. For now, at least. It is an ad hoc writer, sometimes so eager to write, other times forgetting about it completely. And that’s fine with me. Because, and here is the selfish reason, if it weren’t, then I might not post anything for a long, long time to come. I don’t want that. The blogger in me wants to write and with her own rules. And now she can.
Conclusion: I am an ad hoc blogger. The only thing I can promise my readers is that there will be no more unkept promises. Because there are no promises at all. I will write and post when I feel like it and be silent otherwise. I might post several times a week and then not post for some weeks. I know this is not efficient, that I may lose potential readers, but you know what? For now, I don’t care. If you like reading what you find here, come back and read it, leave me comments (I will answer those – sooner or later;), but if you don’t, that’s totally fine. I am writing for fun. For my own and for anybody’s who comes to read my posts. No more than that. No more calendar and guilt. Just fun.

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