New look, new topics

factory sunriseYes, I have turned my half-dead author’s page into a Thought Factory. Why and what’s the difference?

Because the number of my writings – be it poems, short stories or novels – in English is limited. My thoughts on writing, reading and learning are not. So I have turned to lighting some creative sparks (or colourful bubbles – look around, they are hovering around, grab one!) in my visitors’ heads using my own. This is a place that produces thoughts in your minds while sticking to the realms of three specific, exciting topics.

Read, Learn, and Write. Books, interesting and new ways of learning and developing your mind or recognizing the tricks it plays with you, and writing, crafting stories, bringing characters to life. Warning: in ‘Learn’ I might treat the topic a bit vaguely because I am fascinated by anything that has to do with the human mind. In fact, I had considered calling it the ‘Mind Blog’ instead of the Thought Factory, or ‘Judit’s Mind Works’ (and of course a thousand other things), but quickly dropped both ideas for obvious reasons. But we are coming close to insider secrets – secrets of my mind –, so let’s not go deeper into this…

The page still contains a few writings of mine and I might add a few, and since these are mainly fantasy or sci-fi, you can also expect more content related to these genres.

Meanwhile I am building my Hungarian author’s page, so pay it a visit if you speak the language and please be a tiny little bit patient if not, because I am also working on my novel Utopia – the Isle of Peace. Some details are coming up soon!

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