Back with a plan

2013Against all odds I survived November and December. With the loss of loads of data from my dear netbook, the opportunity cost* of a few, possibly quite a few, blog posts, a completed Nano-novel and a fully completed thesis, I’m back. I’ve had some time to reflect on what’s slowing me down in this blog (besides the mentioned losses and the utter lack of time) and I modified my strategy. Conclusion: this is the last post I’m doing both in English and Hungarian.

I admit to getting bored to hell translating everything I write and I suspect the same happens with my readers. So, for those who speak only one of the two languages and are aching to find out what’s going on on the other platform I suggest Google Translate, or you can always ask me. I probably won’t attempt an artistic translation, but I’ll be glad to tell you. All in all, here is what to expect:

  • Here, in my English-language writing world: posts on interesting reading or writing related stuff that grabs my attention. Pretty much like before.
  • On the Hungarian site: an interactive game I made up is coming very soon. Not much to do, a lot of fun to have! (If it goes well, I might do this in English as well. Later.)
  • On both platforms: posts every 2-3 days, not more.

See you here and there! 🙂

*learned this expression years ago in Microeconomics – I’m amazed by my memory’s strange ideas of using such pieces of knowledge

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