So here’s how it’s going for me so far. I think my best bet would be creating this new discipline, which makes microeconomics a thousand times smaller and combines it with NaNoWriMo and change my thesis topic to that. Then I could add the words of my thesis to my word count and have a chance of finishing both projects on time (end of November for both, of course) at a good quality and with some sleep during the month.

Since it’s an idea come too late, I’ll leave nanoeconomics to be my next project – or someone else’s (feel free to use) – and resolve to type a host of words this month, increase the amount of coffee and decrease sleep… this one needs some consideration – and panic – still. Adding two word counters to the blog could be a good motivator or a disaster. You’ll notice when I decide for the former and instal the counters. Probably I will be making good progress then and let’s hope the next challenge does the trick…

The next challenge being this weekend’s NaNoWriMo 111.111 words’ one – not written all by myself (that would make quite a challenge), but in a team of 10-11 people. This makes the desired word count around double the usual daily amount – but since I’m right now 3 days behind, I will go for even more to catch up. If you have some very practical and (literally) novel time management tips – or rather, ways of surviving without sleep -, please share. By the way, did you know that without sleep and food you would die of sleep deprivation before starving to death?

*I’ve just checked and nanoeconomics has already been invented… not quite my way, though. (Anyone remembers the Doghouse Diaries comic, with a form you just fill in and get the commission for making up something new – whether it has already been invented or not? I so need that right now!)

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2 thoughts on “Nanoeconomics

  1. wish you loads of fun and ofcourse success in your goal!

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