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Intimidating geniuses

Don’t you find sometimes that reading something truly ingenious and marvellous makes you wonder if you can ever create something that good? Like, my favourite authors and pieces often give me this feeling – especially that my English will, however hard I struggle, never be as good as a native speaker’s (not to mention a professional writer’s).

It must be like that with all kinds of art… or goals, actually. Take my thesis, for instance (burying me alive right now, btw). I’ve found some great sources to use, including a four hundred page PhD paper (focusing on a different market, but that’s beside the point), improved to what is IMHO close to perfection. And it’s a great source, not only of information, but also of motivation to see that the thing can be done so well… and meanwhile, am I the only one who sometimes wonders? Or not exactly wonders, because consciously I know that I shouldn’t care and I should go for my best and what I do is unique anyway blah blah… but the question mark stays right there, hanging in the air.

It may also be because I’m quite a competitive person and pretty much of a perfectionist. So people out there with similar thoughts, how do you cope? Is it only me getting blocked – and inspired – by seeing what is possible?


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So here’s how it’s going for me so far. I think my best bet would be creating this new discipline, which makes microeconomics a thousand times smaller and combines it with NaNoWriMo and change my thesis topic to that. Then I could add the words of my thesis to my word count and have a chance of finishing both projects on time (end of November for both, of course) at a good quality and with some sleep during the month.

Since it’s an idea come too late, I’ll leave nanoeconomics to be my next project – or someone else’s (feel free to use) – and resolve to type a host of words this month, increase the amount of coffee and decrease sleep… this one needs some consideration – and panic – still. Adding two word counters to the blog could be a good motivator or a disaster. You’ll notice when I decide for the former and instal the counters. Probably I will be making good progress then and let’s hope the next challenge does the trick…

The next challenge being this weekend’s NaNoWriMo 111.111 words’ one – not written all by myself (that would make quite a challenge), but in a team of 10-11 people. This makes the desired word count around double the usual daily amount – but since I’m right now 3 days behind, I will go for even more to catch up. If you have some very practical and (literally) novel time management tips – or rather, ways of surviving without sleep -, please share. By the way, did you know that without sleep and food you would die of sleep deprivation before starving to death?

*I’ve just checked and nanoeconomics has already been invented… not quite my way, though. (Anyone remembers the Doghouse Diaries comic, with a form you just fill in and get the commission for making up something new – whether it has already been invented or not? I so need that right now!)

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And this time it’s for me! Krakatit has illustrated my short story Executioner. It transfers the short story’s message and mood in an exceptional and magnificently thrilling way, so right now I am feeling sooo flattered and excited!

With his permission, you can now see it for youselves at the short story.

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